Casentino Farmhouse

Casentino Farmhouse

Farmhouse at the gates of the National Park of the Casentinesi Foresente

Farmhouse a few kilometers from Bibbiena and from Poppi (AR)

Our farm is located in Tuscany, in the Casentino valley, rich in natural beauties such as the Casentinesi Forests National Park, the Corsalone river park, the Stia Adventure Park and the Poppi Golf Club. In Casentino there are medieval villages such as Poppi, with the Castle of the Counts Guidi, Bibbiena, Talla, Stia near the Castle of Porciano. There are also numerous museums such as the Museum of the Stia Wool Art, the Bibbiena Archaeological Museum, the Chitignano Powder Gun Eco-museum or the Raggiolo Chestnut Ecomuseum. Nearby are places that allow intense moments of recollection, such as the medieval monasteries of Camaldoli and La Verna, together with medieval churches such as Pieve a Socana or Romena. A few minutes away, you can reach some of the most important historical cities such as Florence, Cortona, Siena, Arezzo and the Terme di Rapolano.

Visit Arezzo The city of Arezzo can be reached from our farm in about 30 minutes. Its origins, dating back to the 5th century BC, are among the oldest of the Tuscan cities. It is thanks to the Etruscans that the city is surrounded by the first walls, which in the fourth century were then increased and enlarged to include a larger portion of territory that contained its rapid expansion. Among all the cities of the "Tuscia" Arezzo was certainly one of the most important, both from an economic, military and strategic point of view. From an artistic point of view, Arezzo has given birth to numerous works and inventions of extraordinary importance on a national and international level. Among his most illustrious characters we can remember for example Guido d'Arezzo , better known as Guido Monaco , considered the creator of modern musical notation, Francesco Petrarca , poet writer and diplomat considered the founder of Humanism, Giorgio Vasari famous historian of art and creator of the Uffizi of Florence. In addition there are many other characters who have contributed to expand the art of Aretina in the surrounding area, thanks to which we can find beautiful works in the various neighboring villages. A visit to Arezzo is definitely a stop not to be underestimated for all those who want to discover the beauties of Tuscany. Among the main points of interest we can remember the following:

Basilica of San Francesco
- Church of Santa Maria della Pieve
- National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art
- Ivan Bruschi Gallery
- Piazza Grande
- Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donato
-Museum  of Casa Vasari
- Museo Archeologico Statale Gaio Cilnio Mecenate

Visit Florence The city of Florence certainly needs no introduction. Famous all over the world, millions of tourists each year go to Florence to admire the great artistic, historical and cultural baggage in which the city has been immersed for centuries. Its origins are also attributed in this case to the ancient Etruscans, which already in 150 BC. they descended from the hills of nearby Visul (ordierna Fiesole) to settle a small urban center around the banks of the Arno, thus exploiting the benefits of the watercourse and building a first wooden bridge that crossed it. The name Florence seems to derive from the Latin "Florentia", that is, Florent, which was thought to have been attributed to the remarkable fertility of the surrounding plains. In the tenth century Florence developed and became an autonomous municipality, while in the thirteenth century it experienced a period of crisis due to the internal struggle between Guelfi , supporters of the Roman Papacy, and Ghibellini , supporters of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. These conflicts, which culminated with the victory of the Guelphs who also led the great poet Dante Alighieri famous all over the world for his " Divine Comedy ", did not prevent the city of Florence to prosper and expound itself, and to become one of the most important cities in Europe. From the artistic point of view, Florence is known as the cradle of the Renaissance : Artists of international fame born, lived and worked within the city walls. Among the many names we can mention for example Leonardo Da Vinci , which in Florence created his masterpieces such as the famous painting of Gioconda ; Michelangelo Buonarroti , whose name is linked to many works of world renown such as the David, the Dome of St. Peter, the Frescos of the Sistine Chapel and the piety of the Vatican ; Raffaello , painter and architect considered among the most famous of the Renaissance age ; Galileo Galilei , physicist, astronomer and mathematician considered the father of modern science ; Filippo Brunelleschi , considered the first engineer and designer of the modern era; Angelo Poliziano , considered the greatest among the Italian poets of the fifteenth century; To make a small list of the monuments and places to visit absolutely in the city of Florence we can remember the following:

- Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Cathedral of Florence)
- Palazzo Vecchio
- Basilica of Santa Croce
- Giotto's Bell Tower
- Uffizi Gallery
- Ponte Vecchio
- Palazzo Pitti
- Vasarian Corridor
- Museo di Galileo
- Piazzale Michelangelo (from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city)

Visit Siena The city of Siena is probably one of the most beautiful in Italy. Its villages and its "alleys" have a valuable state of conservation , also due to the fact that unlike many other Tuscan cities, the heart of the city of Siena has never been furrowed by the wild car traffic , although there are several limited traffic areas for residents and commercial operators. Siena thus maintains the appearance of a "great country" , rather than a city, and is characterized by a very uniform architectural style, which gives it a unique appearance of its kind. The city still has much of the original walls, and access to the historic center is allowed through the passage through large doors, dating back to the eleventh century. The walls were several times enlarged, but concentric rings were never built containing the old walls, which were mostly installed by successive additions (it is said that 5 extensions were made in all). Among the monuments and places of cultural and historical interest we can remember the following:

- Piazza del Campo, the famous central square already known in ancient times for its local festivals
- Torre del Mangia, which stands for 88 meters on Piazza del Campo
- Siena Cathedral
- Basilica of San Domenico
- National Gallery, art gallery and museum
- Basilica of San Francesco
- Church of Santo Spirito

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